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Development of a parser

The parser is a program that helps you to extract the necessary data from a certain amount of information and structure them.

In the sphere of web building parsers are mainly used to retrieve information from various resources, in order to use it later in your own website.

Traditionally, the parser is part of the site. However, there is one problem: parsers do its work for a long time. This is determined by the fact that each page before parsing must be downloaded, and not with all resources of the downloading will be fast.

Thus parsing time, as well as the resources consumed by them during operation, can be considerable and exceed the limits of hosting. At the same time, it is very expensive to rent a dedicated server just for the sake of parsing.

What to do?

Our company in addition to traditional parsers offers writing ones desktop versions. This parser can have an attractive user interface and it can be provided with required settings. You can run the parser on your home computer either manually or on a schedule and it can work even day by processing hundreds or thousands of pages. Next, you will only have to transfer the data to the hosting store, such as a database, either manually or automatically.

A particular challenge is to write a parser for the site, which content is generated by Javascript only after the page has loaded. Our parsers can solve these problems too.

In general, based on the tasks, parsers can be classified as follows:

Support for relevant information that can be taken from a regularly updated source. For example, the prices of goods from partners.

Automatic addition of information to the site, generating content using data obtained from sites with related themes.

Initial filling the new site by large amount of data that can be obtained from various sources.

Combining information from multiple sources into a single structure or catalogue with the purpose to provide convenience and uniformity of searching and sorting in a given subject area.

Migrating legacy content of large sites that store all its data within the HTML code to modern platforms.

Parser's price  are very individual and determined in the process of problem statement.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We'll be happy to answer them.