About web design

Web design is a relatively new area of activity that arose at the intersection of two professions: web development and design. At the dawn of the Internet, the main task was to instantly convey the requested information to a remote user. The very emergence of this opportunity was so surprising, and the desire to use the new service was so high that the question of what form to present the information faded into the background. Demand exceeded supply, and the struggle for the user had not yet begun.

Today, people not only want to quickly receive information, they want to receive it in a convenient and preferably attractive form. Identical or similar sources of information began to compete with each other for the right to be in demand. From this competition a new type of profession grew – web designer.

The purpose of web design

Of course, this is to attract the user, retain him, and force him to return.

In addition, a modern website increasingly functions as a web application. Many tasks previously solved using desktop programs have now migrated to the browser. Already today, for many people, the browser is the main application, both for work and for communication and entertainment. This means that there is a need, in addition to the convenience of viewing information, to provide comfort when working.

Modern web design is not only about developing a stylish and attractive graphical interface. It is also necessary to take into account issues of ergonomics: the volume and pace of information delivery, its order, and much more. A good professional must have knowledge in relevant areas of psychology, take into account social aspects, age, gender of the potential audience and much more. Innate “good taste” is not enough here; you need to have a large amount of knowledge. Talent, of course, always has a place, but talent is not just an innate natural inclination, it is a developed natural inclination. One must be able to take into account not only the relatively constant behavioral reactions of a person as a whole, but also those that are determined by culture and time.

Despite the fact that web design is a young direction, it uses the vast experience accumulated by designers in various fields of human activity: printing, architecture, interior and landscape design… At the same time, the development of computer technology poses new, previously unsolved problems for web designers. or, in any case, problems that are not so pressing. One of them is, for example, adaptive design, the purpose of which is to adequately display a document or application interface on devices with different screen sizes and orientations.

How much does web design cost?

This question is often asked when ordering a website. However, it is impossible to answer it, just as it is impossible to answer the question: how much does a suit, car or house cost? Even if the customer specifies the color, this does not change anything. A suit may have a style and a manufacturer, a car a model, a house a design, which very, very accurately describe the product, and therefore determine the price. Custom tailoring, or assembly, or a project is always expensive. To determine the cost of web design, a comprehensive technical specification is also required, especially since modern design is usually dynamic and very closely related to functionality, so closely that it is sometimes difficult to determine the boundary between them.

Even describing a task accurately can take a lot of time and effort. It should also be taken into account that the final result, even if it fully complies with the technical specifications, may not live up to expectations and you will have to spend time and money on revision.

Therefore, web design today is most often based on template solutions. And there is nothing strange about this – this is a natural consequence of the development of this industry and society as a whole. Look around! We live in a world of standard solutions. Just a variety of models, brands, styles, designs, etc. so great that we do not suffer much from it. There are just as many standard solutions in web construction; There are so many of them that it is not so often possible to come across two sites on the Internet, obviously made on the same template, and taking into account the possibility of their modernization, the same template, as they say, is not so easy to recognize in makeup. I always try to dispel the myth that a template is cheap and undignified. A template is, first of all, professional and reasonable. The world has become different, it is impossible to create a modern Ferrari, or even a good bicycle, in the garage, no matter how smart you are and with golden hands – you need technology and components. It’s the same in web development.

And yet, an individual solution has an undeniable advantage – flexibility. It contains only what you need and does not use unnecessary resources. If you know absolutely exactly what you want, have a lot of time for experiments and large funds for their implementation, this is your path.